Hydrant Flushing planned during week of June 15th

Hydrant flushing in the Village will be starting Monday, June 15th.  This is done periodically as preventive maintenance, to ensure our hydrants function correctly when they're needed.  In addition, it removes sediment that accumulates in pipes. 

Immediately after flushing is done the water coming out of your faucets may be slightly discolored.  (Don't be alarmed, it is not a health or safety risk - flushing only affects the appearance of the water.)  If you see discolored water, run your cold water for 3-5 minutes - if after that time it still appears discolored, wait 30 minutes and try again.  If the discoloration does not go away after an extended period of time (or if you experience a noticeable loss of water pressure) call the Water Department at 1-866-371-5699 to report the problem.

Though the water coming through your faucets will be safe to drink, you'll want to avoid doing laundry during this time since the sediment could discolor your clothes.  Also avoid running hot water until your cold water runs clear.

If you have questions call Village Hall or the Water department.