Fireworks & Golf Carts - Summer 2020 Updates from WLPD

The Police Department has been receiving many complaints about fireworks.  Be aware - anything that lifts off the ground and/or explodes is not allowed in the State of Illinois.  (The sale, possession, and/or use of virtually all consumer fireworks is prohibited under the Pyrotechnic Use Act.)

The Police Department is currently doing golf cart (and other non-highway vehicle) inspections needed for the issuance of permits.  Call the (non-emergency) Police Department line at 815-728-0535 to schedule an appointment for an Officer to come to your home. Current golf cart communities are Sunrise Ridge, White Oaks Bay, Woods Creek, and Sunrise Ridge Estates. More information about the Golf Cart Permit process as well as a link to the application can be found here:  Golf Cart & Non-Highway Vehicles Permit Process.  Golf carts without a proper permit are not allowed on Village roadways. 

Please be safe this Summer!